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Yet Another Top 10 for 2016! 

We started 2016 with the determination to see one different production per calendar month. 

Personally I managed 24 over the 12 months. 

In addition there were the shows that we returned to having seen them in 2015 and the long runners that we went back to after a break of a couple of years. 

Then there were the reapeat visits, school productions, concerts etc so that takes me to 55 theatrical ‘events’. 

I’ve tried to compile a top 10 of my ‘never seen until 2016’. It’s not been easy and I may look back on this in months to come and change the order but here goes!

10: Legally Blonde – Curve

9: Sideshow – Southwark

8: Mormon – Prince of Wales

7: Funny Girl – Savoy

6: Showboat- New London

5: Groundhog Day- Old Vic

4: Titanic – Charing Cross

3: Allegro – Southwark

2: Toxic Avenger – Southwark

1: She Loves Me – Menier

As I said it was tricky and there were a few others I wanted to include. The Hired Man in Concert was fantastic but as a one off event I haven’t included that and Curious Incident and Roadshow could easily  have been contenders. Yes it is hard to believe that until 2016 I hadn’t seen Curious, Mormon or Legally Blonde!



Mother of 3 unique teens "Twittermum" to a few others, wife, Early Years leader, theatre lover and general worrier. About to trawl the country to see The Commitments on tour.

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